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    Your Plano, Texas Oculoplastic Surgeon

    Oculoplastic Surgeon

    Your Plano, Texas Oculoplastic SurgeonThe eyes are the most delicate area of the human body as well as the most noticeable one. Surgery of the eyelids should not cause stretched skin and maintain symmetry between the eyes. Otherwise, it can create an unnatural and unattractive appearance.

    In the hands of a surgeon specializing in eye surgeries, these and other factors can be taken care of in a safe manner. Board certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan is an expert in some of the most complex and advanced eye care procedures.

    She provides both lower and upper eyelid lift procedures, in addition to minimally invasive aesthetic treatments to enhance the eyes and the upper face.

    Oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan provides eye care procedures to patients in Dallas, Plano, Texas and surrounding locations.

    Professional Credentials

    Dr. Tanya Khan received her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from the renowned Columbia University in the City of New York. She then attended Duke University School of Medicine for her medical education.

    The sagacious Dr. Khan completed a General Surgery internship at Duke University. Subsequently, she completed an Ophthalmology residency at the Louisiana State University and Ochsner Clinic Foundation and Reconstructive Surgery at Duke University.

    She is a specialist in the surgical and clinical management of conditions of the eyelid and orbit, such as blepharoplasty, ectropion, repair of blepharoptosis, entropion, epiphora, benign essential blepharospasm, thyroid eye disease, hemifacial spasm, and trichiasis.

    She undertakes procedures to correct excess tearing due to nasolacrimal obstruction, complicated oculofacial reconstruction to correct defects from cancer elimination or trauma, and the elimination of orbital tumors.

    In addition, Dr. Khan also offers non-invasive cosmetic augmentation of the face using soft tissue fillers and botulinum toxin, laser and chemical skin resurfacing, and topical skin care.

    During her training, Dr. Khan conducted in-depth research in the area of vascular occlusion from facial filler and the role of neurotoxin to lacrimal gland in addressing epiphora.

    She has also written two scientific book chapters and first-authored nine peer-reviewed scientific publications to date. She has showcased her work at national and international ophthalmology and plastic surgery forums.

    An Expert Oculoplastic Surgeon

    A medical practitioner is qualified to pursue oculoplastic surgery training only after finishing medical school and undertaking an internship with a residency in eye surgery or ophthalmology. Having undergone this extensive training, Dr. Khan thoroughly understands the anatomy of the eye, eyelids, and facial sites surrounding the eye.

    A primary area of ophthalmology training is undertaking surgery on the eye itself. This is a complex procedure which requires a very delicate touch. Certain sutures used in eye surgery are so light and fine that they float in the air when the surgeon attempts to tie them.

    After ophthalmology training, the next step if fellowship training. The delicate touch expertise that the surgeon has achieved during ophthalmology training now translates into a targeted and precise touch when undertaking eyelid and facial plastic surgery.

    Board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Tanya Khan receives patients from Dallas, Plano, Texas, and nearby areas for eye care treatments.

    For more information about procedures and treatments at Khan Eyelid and Facial Aesthetics by Ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan. Click here to contact us.

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