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    Lower Eyelid

    Lower Eyelid

    Model, not actual patient.

    Within the lower eyelid there exist three fat pads. Over time, the connective tissue girdle surrounding the fat pads undergoes thinning, allowing the fat pads to prolapse and cause a tired, lower eyelid “bag” appearance. Removal of these fat pads can be accomplished through a trans-conjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty with laser resurfacing of the lower lid skin to produce rejuvenated, smooth lower lids. Our surgical approach through the backside of the lower eyelid results in no visible skin scarring.

    Lower eyelid tightening

    As the eyelid skin loosens and stretches, the lower eyelid can become everted (ectropion) or inverted (entropion). These lower eyelid malpositions can lead to excessive tearing or lashes scratching the surface of the eye. Both conditions can be treated surgically by removal of excess eyelid tissue and re-anchoring the lid to the lateral orbit bone through a lateral tarsal strip. This results in both cosmetic improvement and increased comfort to the eye.

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