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    How Soon Can I Return to Office After Eyelid Surgery?

    The journey to better vision or enhanced facial aesthetics through eyelid surgery can be filled with excitement and anticipation. But what comes after? The thought

    Posted in Plastic Surgery

    Can I Wear Contacts After Eyelid Surgery?

    When it comes to enhancing your visual appeal, the eyes have it. They’re one of the first things people notice about you. Therefore, it’s no

    Posted in Eye Surgery

    What Causes Fat Deposits Under the Eyes?

    Have you ever woken up to puffy bags under your eyes, making you look tired and older than you actually are? Well, you’re not alone.

    Posted in Plastic Surgery

    Do I Need Revision Eyelid Surgery?

    Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help improve the appearance of droopy or puffy eyelids. While most patients

    Posted in Plastic Surgery

    Can I Get Fillers Instead of Eyelid Surgery?

    Many people are turning to cosmetic procedures in order to achieve a more youthful appearance. One common concern is sagging or drooping eyelids, which can

    Posted in Eye Surgery

    How to Prepare for Eyelid Surgery

    If you’ve been struggling with droopy or sagging eyelids, you may have considered eyelid surgery as a potential solution. Also known as blepharoplasty, this cosmetic

    Posted in Eye Surgery

    Say Goodbye to Droopy Eyes with Upper Eyelid Surgery

    Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing droopy, tired-looking eyes staring back at you? If so, you are not alone. As we

    Posted in Eye Surgery

    See Clearer with These Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment Options

    Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), also known as Graves’ eye disease, is a condition that affects the eyes and surrounding tissues in individuals with an overactive

    Posted in Eye Surgery

    Upneeq Eye Drops for Droopy Eyelids

    If you’ve been dealing with droopy eyelids, you may have considered seeking a long-term solution such as upper eyelid surgery. However, there is another option

    Posted in Non Invasive

    Revive Lower Hollow Eyelids Treatment by an Oculoplastic Surgeon

    Are you tired of looking tired? Do your lower hollow eyelids make you appear older and less vibrant than you feel? It’s a common problem

    Posted in Eye Surgery

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