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Eyelid Bumps

Eyelid BumpsLesion removal

Small elevated areas can develop on the eyelid skin due to various reasons. The pathology can range from benign skin tags and pigmented / non-pigmented moles to more concerning pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions. The most common eyelid cancer, basal cell carcinoma, is often identified on the lower eyelid as a round, pink, pearly lesion. Patients with Caucasian background, fair skin, light-colored hair, and increased sun exposure are at particular risk for basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma.

Eyelid lesions can be surgically excised with lid-sparing techniques and biopsied if suspicious for a cancerous process. The removal of potentially malignant eyelid lesions can be coordinated with a Mohs micrographic surgeon, followed by a reconstruction of the eyelid and facial tissues with your oculoplastic surgeon.

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