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    Upper Eyelid

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    Upper Eyelid

    Model, not actual patient.

    In our lifetimes, we blink our eyelids over 300 million times. Needless to say, the orbicularis oculi muscle encircling the upper and lower eyelids is used heavily on a daily basis. As a result, the eyelids are one of the first locations to demonstrate an aging face

    Eyelid droopiness can be attributed to two different etiologies: loose, excess skin (dermatochalasis) and a slipped, stretched muscle tendon (aponeurotic blepharoptosis). Removal of upper eyelid excess skin and contouring of the nasal fat pad can be accomplished through an upper blepharoplasty, creating a smooth contour across the upper eyelid and restoring the appearance of the eyelid crease. In ptosis repair, the levator aponeurosis tendon can be repositioned at its proper location along the base of the eyelid margin to improve eyelid height.

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