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    Juvederm Dermal Fillers Before And After Photos

    Juvederm Dermal Fillers Before And After Photos

    Juvederm facial filler treatment provides a safe, predictable, and non-surgical way to rejuvenate facial skin and reduce aging signs on the face. In this injection procedure, a precise amount of Juvederm gel is delivered into targeted facial areas using very small needles smooth the wrinkles and fine lines.

    During the initial consultation, your injection provider may present before you a few Juvederm before and after pictures. After viewing these images, you can better understand the potential aesthetic outcomes of this procedure and make an enlightened choice. Khan Eyelid and Facial Aesthetics, led by board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Tanya Khan, provides Juvederm facial filler to patients in Plano, Dallas, Texas, and surrounding communities.

    Building Trust with New Patients

    When a treatment provider decides to show Juvederm before and after photos, it reflects on their commitment to transparency. Patients are more inclined to trust the injection provider when they are forthcoming about not only the benefits but also the limitations of the treatment.

    A dedicated surgeon will prefer to educate the patients clearly at the outset, and before and after images can serve as a useful visual aid for this. When you see these photographs, you will be in a better position to understand what a Juvederm injectable procedure can or cannot do for you, and whether it will meet your personal aesthetic needs. Now these images are not on the website but that does not mean the website cannot be updated at any time.

    What this means is that you need to ask to see these images during the consultation. That’s not quite as convenient as investigating these images when you are on your camping trip or sitting at your desk at work or at home but it’s certainly better than relying on some vague brochure which is how many decisions were made years ago. The consultation is mandatory anyhow before any treatment or procedure with Dr. Khan.

    Photos Offer Visual Evidence

    Juvederm Dermal Fillers Before And After PhotosThe old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” fits the concept of before and after images. Although a committed surgeon will make every effort to verbally explain and inform you about all aspects of the Juvederm treatment, but as a first-time patient it can sometimes be hard for you to visualize the real thing. Words can often be open to interpretation or may simply be confusing.

    Juvederm dermal filler before and after photos do not have the barriers of language and are not prone to so much subjectivity as words. You will know the real thing as it is, and you can judge for yourself whether this treatment suits your goals or not. What’s so special about these images is digital technology. This technology enables any patient to make a critical decision with acumen because the images are so clear. Patients can almost predict the future because of the visual sharpness.

    Sharing the Pictures on Social Media

    Social media networks enjoy universal popularity today. Online savvy patients want to receive as much information digitally as possible. Your surgeon has an opportunity to disseminate Juvederm before and after images via leading social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

    You can simply access these photos online in the privacy of your home or office (as already mentioned), and even share them with like-minded friends and family members who might want to learn more about this treatment.

    Keeping Reasonable Expectations

    While Juvederm dermal filler injections can create significant facial skin rejuvenation, the outcomes may still not be comparable to a facial plastic surgery, such as a facelift. Before you go ahead with the treatment, you should have clarity on what to expect and what not to expect from this injectable procedure.

    Patients with realistic expectations are better positioned to appreciate the final outcomes. Juvederm before and after photos will play a pivotal role in helping you keep realistic expectations. Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan receives patients from Plano, Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for safe and advanced Juvederm dermal filler injectable treatments.

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