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    How much does Juvederm facial filler cost?

    Juvederm facial filler cost

    How much does Juvederm facial filler cost?Juvederm facial filler currently ranks among the most sought-after non-surgical anti-aging treatments today. Your surgeon will discuss all aspects of the Juvederm dermal filler injections during your initial consultation. They will explain the estimated costs of treatment so that you can make a well-considered choice by comparing the costs and benefits with other competing procedures.

    Khan Eyelid and Facial Aesthetics, led by board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Tanya Khan, provides Juvederm facial filler to patients in Plano, Dallas, Texas, and surrounding locations.

    Cost Comparison

    When compared to plastic surgery and even some laser, RF, and ultrasound based non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, the Juvederm soft tissue filler gel injections are likely to be significantly more affordable and cost-effective treatment. The procedure can be performed in-office, and involves no general anesthesia like a surgery.

    This will avoid the typical costs associated with a surgery, such as surgical venue costs, anesthesiologist fees and other related expenses. Juvederm requires no pre-op allergy tests, so you save money here as well. You are not likely to require any prescription meds after the treatment.

    You may be able to resume your normal activities or go back to work right after the treatment session. With virtually no downtime involved, the Juvederm injection procedure offers potential cost benefits to some working people. Even when compared to some other dermal filler injections, Juvederm treatment can prove to be more cost effective.

    Results with Juvederm can last for up to one year. The longevity of the results means that over time you will spend a lesser amount on repeat treatments. However, if you choose to have minor touch-up or secondary treatments (depending on your surgeon’s advice) before the completion of one year, you may have to pay additionally for them.

    Pricing Factors

    Juvederm costs can marginally vary between two practices and even two patients at the same practice in some cases. The geographical location of a practice impacts Juvederm costs. Leading urban centers and busy metropolitan areas usually have higher real estate and operational costs, but these types of financial factors are lower in small interior towns. This affects the costs of goods and services in different areas, including the monetary amount of cosmetic procedures such as Juvederm.

    The qualification, skill, and experience of the treatment provider also impact the treatment costs. What kind of quality standards and services you receive at a particular practice matters to your final results. It is best to choose a practice where the procedure is either performed by a qualified surgeon or at least under the supervision of the surgeon.

    Financial Evaluation

    How much volume of Juvederm gel you require for your treatment can make a difference to your costs. Some practices may charge on a per syringe basis, while some others may charge on a per facial area basis.

    If you only require limited treatment (such as removal of the vertical lines in and around the lips or reduction of smile lines), you may need a lesser amount of treatment compared to someone who needs significant nasolabial fold reduction, cheek enhancement, and reduction of forehead lines.

    Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan receives patients from Plano, Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for safe and advanced Juvederm dermal filler injectable treatments.

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