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    Is Your Black Eye Serious And When To See a Doctor?

    Black Eye Treatment

    Is Your Black Eye Serious And When To See a Doctor?A black eye is said to occur when you have the appearance of bruises around your eye. This condition often occurs as a consequence of facial or head trauma, which results in bleeding under the skin. When the capillaries or tiny blood vessels below the skin break, the blood will leak into the adjacent tissue, causing bruising or discoloration around the eye.

    Black eye is usually not serious, but sometimes it may indicate a serious medical condition such as a fracture in the skull. It is best to contact an eye doctor for having your eye examined if you suffer a black eye.

    The doctor will perform a preliminary eye exam and ask you questions about how the injury occurred and any related pain or injuries. Your eye doctor will do a vision test by shining a light into the eye and will also ask you to follow their finger with your eyes.

    When do you Need Urgent Black Eye Treatment

    A black eye could be accompanied by one or more other symptoms requiring attention from an eye specialist. A facial fracture may have resulted in a black eye. To rule out any broken bones in your skull or face and to seek emergency medical attention, you should see an eye doctor.

    If you experience vision loss, or lose consciousness, or have a persist headache along with a black eye, it could indicate a brain injury or concussion. Additional symptoms of a concussion may include:

    • Vomiting
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Memory lapses
    • Lethargy

    Another important concern is the draining of clear fluid or blood from your ear or nose. Appearance of blood on your eyeball surface is also a serious concern. It may indicate damaged blood vessels in your eye or a ruptured eyeball. Additional infection or swelling may occur in these conditions, which can blur your vision and restrict your eye movement.

    You should also consult with an eye surgeon if you experience:

    • Double vision
    • Persistent vision issues
    • Difficulty in moving the eye
    • Persistent headache (lasting for over two days)
    • A feeling that an object is present in your eye

    Treatment of Black Eye

    It is usually possible to treat a black eye occurring after a minor injury with rest, ice therapy and pain medications from an eye doctor. If the pain lingers or you experience any vision changes, a follow-up visit to your eye doctor is recommended.

    If the eye bruising is accompanied by pain and swelling, you can apply cold compresses at 20 minute intervals. When the swelling has subsided, you could apply warm compresses to help increase the blood re-absorption. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the injured site. Ask your eye doctor to prescribe pain medications if you experience pain and a throbbing sensation.

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