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    Foreign Object in the Eye

    Objects in The Eye

    Foreign Object in the EyeAn object in the eye refers to a foreign substance that enters your eye from outside the body. This could be anything from a metal shard to a dust particle, which does not belong there naturally. Your eye’s conjunctiva or the cornea may get affected when a foreign object goes into the eye.

    A condition called endophthalmitis may occur when intraocular foreign objects enter the eye. In this condition, an infection may develop inside the eye. You could suffer from vision damage or complete vision loss if the intraocular foreign object causes damage to the lens of the eye (the cornea).

    Sharp objects that travel at any speed or tiny objects traveling at high speed can lead to serious injuries to some parts of the eyeball. These injuries can cause a change in the shape or size of the pupil, bleeding in the eye, damage to the inner part of the eyeball, or a film over the cornea. You will need to see an eye doctor if the object is embedded deep into the eye or has caused some form of damage.


    The following early symptoms may occur if you have a foreign object in your eye:

    • A sensation that something is irritating your eye
    • Discomfort and a feeling of eye pressure
    • Eye pain
    • Pain when you see the light
    • Excessive tearing
    • Extreme blinking
    • Significant redness (bloodshot eyes)
    • Blood or fluid discharge in case of intraocular object

    When to Seek Treatment

    If you experience a condition that requires emergency treatment after a foreign object enters your eye, it is best to contact an eye surgeon right away. In addition, see your doctor if:

    • You failed to remove the foreign object on your own
    • Even after the removal of the object, your vision continues to be abnormal or blurred
    • The early symptoms of blinking, tearing, or swelling persist and fail to improve
    • Your eye condition worsens even after the foreign object is removed

    Steps in an Eye Exam

    When you receive treatment for foreign object in the eye from an experienced eye surgeon, they may perform the following steps as part of your eye examination:

    • Numbing the surface of the eye with anesthetic drop.
    • Apply fluorescein dye to reveal surface abrasions and objects.
    • Using a magnifier to identify and remove the foreign object.
    • Needles or other devices may be used if the non-invasive techniques do not work.
    • If corneal abrasions have occurred, your eye surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic ointment to reduce the risk of infection.
    • In case of a major corneal abrasion, the eye doctor may administer eye drops to dilate the pupil. If the pupil constricts prior to the healing of the cornea, it may cause painful muscle spasms.
    • You may require a CT scan to further investigate the intraocular object injury.

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