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    How Much Does Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery Cost?

    Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery 

    How Much Does Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery Cost?

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    Lower eyelid surgery or lower lid blepharoplasty is a minor procedure. However, it does provide dramatic results and helps in rejuvenating the upper face appearance. Costs of lower lid surgery may not be covered by your insurance if the procedure is performed as an elective option. You should make the cost a starting point in such situations.

    Your surgeon will explain the various factors involved in a lower eyelid plastic surgery during the initial consultation. They will also discuss overall estimated costs. The first goal of any responsible surgeon will be to help their patients make a salient decision.

    Khan Eyelid and Facial Aesthetics, led by oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan, provides lower eyelid lift to patients in Austin, Dallas, Texas, and surrounding communities.

    Cost Factors

    Cost of lower eyelid cosmetic surgery can be different for two patients getting the procedure at the same practice or different practices. These are a few factors that play a major role in the overall financial picture.

    Practice location

    Practices located in prime urban centers and major metropolitan cities have expensive real estate costs and higher median incomes. They also have higher overhead. This pushes the cost of goods and services, such as cosmetic procedures.

    Surgeon’s fee

    Your surgeon will charge a fee based on your qualifications, skills, and experience. Patients should choose experienced oculoplastic surgeons with advanced training. Eyes are among the most delicate parts of the body.

    You should be confident that the results are going to be as expected, natural looking and sustainable. It is important that you don’t consider the surgeon’s fee as a primary consideration factor while making your decision.

    Surgical Venue Expenses and Anesthesia

    Eyelid surgery can be performed at an accredited surgery center, hospital, or a private surgical suite. The fee charged will be as per the venue chosen. You may need general anesthesia if the lower eyelid surgery is extensive or performed along with other procedures. Certified anesthetist nurse or anesthesiologists will have their additional fee.

    Surgery extent

    Lower blepharoplasty involves external and internal incision techniques. Some patients may only require marginal skin tightening and other improvements, while others may need extensive procedures, such as repositioning of loose underlying muscles. Lower lid blepharoplasty may also be combined with Botox, forehead lift and other procedures depending on your aesthetic goals.

    Financing Options

    You can always get the procedure financed through a third-party medical care financing firm at competitive rates. This will help you pay for the procedure upfront without getting a significant dent in your wallet. Generally, these firms offer lower interest rates, quick loan approvals, and convenient installments.

    Insurance Coverage

    Lower eyelid surgery is an elective procedure in most instances. This means it may not be covered by your average health insurance provider. Insurance carriers may cover the cost if you require the surgery to clear the obstruction in your visual field. However, this may need to be documented through photographs and visual field testing.

    Board certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan receives patients from Austin, Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for effective and proven lower eyelid lift surgery.

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