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    How much does a brow lift / forehead lift cost?

    How much does a brow lift / forehead lift cost?Loose skin on the forehead and sagging brows can be repositioned to a more youthful level with a brow lift or forehead lift cosmetic surgery. As the procedure involves a delicate area around the eyes, it is best to choose a plastic surgeon who is also an eye doctor by training. 

    During your initial consultation, your surgeon will explain you all aspects of your brow lift procedure, including its estimated costs. A dedicated surgeon’s first goal would be ensure that you can make an informed choice in accordance with your needs and your budget. 

    On your part, you should take care to compare brow lift surgery costs in the context of the skill and experience of the operating surgeon and the quality standards they may follow for your procedure. 

    Oculoplastic & reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan provides brow lift and forehead lift to patients in Plano, Dallas, Texas, and surrounding communities.  

    Factors Affecting the Cost

    Costs of brow lift plastic surgery can vary between two practices, and sometimes even between two patients at the same practice. Factors that will usually make a difference to your final costs include: 

    Practice Location

    Practice location will influence the overall cost of your forehead lift surgery. If the practice is situation in a downtown metro area or a premier urban center, their cost of real estate and other overheads might be higher than that of a practice located in a smaller town or on the outskirts. This will indirectly reflect in the cost of your brow lift procedure at a particular practice. 

    Surgeon’s Fee

    Your surgeon’s qualifications, experience, board certification if any, and their professional standing in the field can make a difference to the fee they will charge for the procedure. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, your primary consideration should be the surgeon’s skills and authority in the field of brow lift surgery, while the fee aspect should only be a secondary factor in your decision. 

    Surgical Venue and Anesthesia Expenses

    Your surgeon may perform the brow lift or forehead lift surgery using general anesthesia. This will involve the fee of an anesthesiologist or a certified nurse anesthetist. They may charge on a hourly basis and their fee would vary according to their qualifications and experience. Your surgeon may be performed at a hospital, an accredited surgery center, or a private surgical suite. The costs and benefits will vary in each case.

    Choice of Surgical Technique

    Your surgeon may decide to perform your procedure as a traditional brow lift or an endoscopic brow lift surgery. Endoscopic procedure will be relatively less invasive, but sometimes traditional brow lift surgery may be better under the circumstances. The type of technique chosen will make a difference to the costs. 

    Sometimes you may combine your brow lift / forehead lift with an eyelid surgery or a facelift. Your upfront costs would increase in case of a combined surgery. You should also weigh your insurance and financing options carefully well in advance. 

    Board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Tanya Khan receives patients from Plano, Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas for brow lift and forehead lift surgery. 

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