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    How to Prepare For Your Brow / Forehead Lift Surgery 

    Brow / Forehead Lift Surgery 

    How to Prepare For Your Brow / Forehead Lift Surgery 

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    To create a strong foundation for a successful forehead lift cosmetic surgery, it’s crucial for you to prepare well for it. Prior to your surgery, you will have a pre-operative consultation with your surgeon, wherein you will be given comprehensive instructions and guidelines.  

    Your surgeon will also assess your health history to determine your candidacy for the brow lift procedure. If you have any doubts or concerns related to the procedure, your surgeon will address them before proceeding. Board certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan provides brow lift / forehead lift surgery to patients in Plano, Dallas, Texas and surrounding locations. 

    Arranging health records 

    Prior to the consultation, you are required to arrange all the necessary health records and mail it to your surgeon’s office. This will help them in the evaluation process to determine your candidacy. If you arrange the documents early you can save significant amount of time ahead of your surgery.  

    Diet and exercise regiment  

    Even though forehead lift is a relatively minor plastic surgery, you should maintain a proper and healthy diet and an appropriate exercise regimen to boost your physical resilience before your surgery. If you are healthy and fit, then you will be both mentally and physically prepared for the surgery.  

    You will also respond to anesthesia and surgery better if you follow your surgeon’s guidelines. Your recovery period will also reduce. If you are uncertain as to how you should plan your diet, you can consult a nutritionist.  

    Preparatory guidelines  

    • Refrain from smoking and other tobacco products for at least six weeks before your surgery.  
    • Minimize alcohol consumption for a few weeks leading to your surgery.  
    • Discontinue certain medications that your doctor may specify.  
    • Stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines for a specific duration before the procedure. 
    • Stay hydrated before and after your surgery, as it plays a vital role in post-surgical recovery.  
    • If you have short hair, then you may consider growing them so as to hide any visible scars.  
    • You should have someone responsible to accompany you to the surgical venue and back home after your procedure.  
    • It is best to have a caregiver for the first night after the surgery. If the need arises, you can make this arrangement for two more days.  
    • Fill your prescriptions ahead of your surgery.  
    • Arrange for pillows for elevating the head as well as for pre-cooked meals and reading material (for entertainment) as needed. 
    • To reduce your inflammation, it is a salient idea to have some ice-packs ready. A frozen peas pack will also do.  

    You shouldn’t consume any food or beverages for at least 8 hours before your surgery. Avoid using any makeup, deodorant, or lotion on the day of your surgery, and wear comfortable clothing during your surgery. Remove nail polish, as it may cause faulty reading on the oximeter, which indicates the oxygen saturation.  

    Transportation and aftercare 

    A brow lift is mostly performed as an outpatient procedure. Therefore, you should arrange someone responsible to drive you back home after the surgery. You should also consider arranging for aftercare for a few days after your forehead lift, especially if you have small kids at home. Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tanya Khan provides brow lift surgery to patients in Plano, Dallas, Texas, and nearby areas.   

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